Bango delivers first open billing solution for mobile apps

Provides operator billing, credit card and PayPal in-app
across Nokia, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and other platforms

Bango, the leading mobile payment and analytics company, today launched a complete in-app billing solution that works across all mobile platforms, including Nokia / Symbian, Google Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and iPhone.

For the first time there is a simple, unified way to monetize all mobile applications internationally. Developers can collect one-time payments or start ongoing subscriptions within their app, using operator billing, credit cards or PayPal. With Bango’s new in-app billing solution consumers get a simple and consistent application payment experience on operator networks and Wi-Fi. Bango’s open solution gives the app developer full control over when and how to charge the consumer, along with pricing and currency. Moreover, developers can sell content, virtual goods and add-ons from within their app, opening up a wide range of commercial opportunities.

In addition, the new Bango solution makes it easy for developers to distribute trial versions of apps and later charge for an upgrade to the full version. Developers can use the new Bango Payment solution to sell directly to their customers, without having to rely completely on app stores as their channel to market – A recent study by Bango found that 45% of developers plan to monetize their apps directly, in other words outside the app store.

A number of popular mobile applications are already being monetized using Bango Payment, including Shazam mobile music discovery, Touchnote mobile postcards and the licensing of fonts using the FlipFont™ app from Monotype Imaging.

“By using the Bango Payment new technology we provide our customers with a slick and consistent payment experience that delivers higher conversion rates ”, said Raam Thakrar, CEO of Touchnote. “A quick and simple integration has allowed us to give our Touchnote customers the speed and convenience of familiar operator billing.”

“Operator billing gives our FlipFont customers a quick and easy payment experience on mobile,” said Satoshi Asari, Director of Product Marketing at Monotype Imaging Inc. “Bango has been an integral partner in helping us gain customers in many parts of the world looking to enhance their mobile experience with fonts. We welcome Bango’s new in-app billing solution.”

“Converting browsers into buyers is the fundamental challenge for vendors trying to capture customers within app stores,” said Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango. “Bango’s new in-app billing solution overcomes these issues by giving developers full control over the pricing and promotion of their applications.”

The popularity of mobile applications is driving more developers and content providers to commit more resources to developing mobile applications, as another channel to engage with consumers and generate revenue. According to recent stats by Juniper research mobile application revenues will be worth £25 billion in 2014.

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9 Responses to Bango delivers first open billing solution for mobile apps

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  3. Are publishers allowed to circumvene Apple’s default payment system on the IPhone with Bango payment?

    • Vanessa Daly says:

      Hi Christophe, as I mentioned in my response to Yuri above, Bango Payment can be used from within any application as it uses a web-based payment transaction. But because of the closed nature of Apple, the only limitation is the inability to download digital content to the iPhone.

  4. Yuri Ammosov says:

    It seems to me that on Android, the solution violates section 3.3 of Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement. Does it?

    • Vanessa Daly says:

      Thanks for your comment Yury. Bango Payment can be used from within any application since it utilizes a web-based payment transaction. All mobile platforms support the use of web-based mobile payments to give consumers the ability to pay on their operator phone bill, via credit card or PayPal. The only limitation is the closed nature of Apple and the inability to download digital content to the iPhone. In contrast Google Android and other platforms are all about the web and open solutions.

      Given the high costs caused by device platform segmentation and the low payment conversion rates currently delivered by app stores and their in-app billing solutions, Bango Payment gives app developers a simple alternative that uses a proven, permitted payment technique. We are already seeing many leading app developers like Shazam, Touchnote and FlipFont choose to use Bango Payment.

  5. Mobile applications are getting better and numerous almost everyday. Hope this new application will be fully developed.

  6. Mark Silva says:

    Vanessa Daly’s response to Christophe says bango in-app billing transaction is a ” … web-based payment transaction.. ”

    Does this means my app need to trigger bango http URL as part of the payment process? Does this mean payment flow (GUI) will be displayed using phone browser? If so how my app get control back from client browser?

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