Bango scales up data handling with appointment of Tim Moss as Chief Data Officer

Tim Moss, Chief Data Officer at Bango

Tim Moss, Chief Data Officer at Bango

Bango has appointed Tim Moss to the role of Chief Data Officer as the company increases data handling capacity to scale for rapid growth. With 50+ network connections, Bango is able to serve over 40 million mobile subscribers worldwide on behalf of its content provider customers.

“Tim’s primary role is to lead the team that ensures Bango’s data centers and databases continue to provide high levels of availability and performance for all our customers, according to our service level agreements,” said Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango. “He is also responsible for safeguarding the privacy and integrity of all customer and end user data, and for ensuring the implementation of Bango privacy and security policies.”

Bango partners with the world’s leading network operators to assist in the roll-out of new billing platforms. In the recent case of Sprint in the US, Vodafone in the UK back in 2002 and Telefónica Moviles in Spain in 2006, Bango partnered with the operators to validate the off-portal billing platform before full market delivery.

Prior to working at Bango, Tim was Chief Technical Architect at Sportal International, who ran Europe’s leading and award winning sports news portal, where he helped them take traffic from 1m pages per month to 1.5m pages per hour, from over 2.5m unique sports fans.

Tim previously developed the systems underpinning financial products used by Tier 1 investment banks, where high systems availability, security and audit ability was crucial.

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